I AM that I AM

  1. Beautiful in God’s Eyes

Acts 7: 20At this time Moses was born, and was beautiful in God’s eyes; and he was brought up in his father’s house for three months.

Moses asked the question, “Well, whom shall I say has sent me? What’s your name?”

When God told him his name, He also told Moses his own name. God said, “ I AM that I AM.”

I believe that Moses thought a moment. “If You are “I Am” that means that I am not.” We need to realize the same thing.

When I am not able to see what lies ahead, God says, I Am.”

When I am not able to stand, God says, “I Am.”

When I am not able accomplish things in my own strength, God says, “I Am.”

When I am not able to save myself, God says, “I Am.”

When I am not able to do anything good and of eternal value, God says, “I Am.”

Shakespeare made a profound statement. You may have heard it before. It has been quoted on many occasions. “Some are born great. Some obtain greatness. Some have greatness thrust upon them.”

First of all, if you are like me, you were not born great or with a noble name. Secondly, you did not obtain greatness in your life. Although I did win 1st place in the 50 yard dash in the 6 grade Olympics at my elementary school.

The third statement is true of all of those who are born again in Christ. We have had greatness thrust upon us. The Great God has placed His own greatness upon us when He gave us His own Spirit. We were then born in a unique and extraordinary way. When you are born in an extraordinary way, you will live and extraordinary life.

“Astios toi theoi” – you are beautiful in God’s eyes. Created in His likeness to accomplish great things.

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